Do you know which semi-precious metal is used at Missanka? Yes, it's Vermeil ! 

At Missanka, vermeil jewellery, pronouced "ver-may", consists of a 925 solid silver base to which a layer of 18-carat gold is applied using a process called electroplating. Yellow gold is the most commonly used, but there are also models in rose or white gold.

Vermeil is considered a precious metal in its own right. In fact, the layer of gold applied to silver is much thicker than simple gilding.

So vermeil has some wonderful qualities: it's affordable yet looks very similar to gold, it doesn't tarnish over time so it can be worn every day, and last but not least, it's hypoallergenic.


The durability of a piece of vermeil jewellery depends on the thickness of the gold. The thicker the layer of gold, the longer it will take to wear. It should also be noted that the higher the carat index of the gold used, the easier it will be to scratch the gold from the jewellery. 18-carat gold seems to offer the best combination of quality and resistance. You should also be aware that vermeil is fairly resistant to the wear and tear of time and the knocks and scratches of everyday life.



On a day-to-day basis, even though vermeil is resistant to the wear and tear of time, it is possible for small stains to appear on the surface of your jewellery after a certain amount of time. All you need to do is gently clean your jewellery with a sponge or soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Then dry it well with a dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture.

A little tip: When you're not wearing your vermeil jewellery, store it in your Missanka reusable pouch to protect it and prevent any bumps or scratches.



Gold plating is usually done on a brass base - but copper or any other non-precious metal can also be used. The brass is then dipped in a gold bath to prevent it from oxidising too much over time.

At Missanka, our gold vermeil jewellery has a minimum plating of 2.5 microns on solid 925 silver, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of the jewellery.

Finally, brass and copper can be irritating to the skin. Some people are therefore unable to wear gold-plated jewellery. Gold vermeil, on the other hand, is non-allergenic, which means that in theory it does not carry any allergies.